5 Tips to Increase Productivity

Published on Author Bethany Sims

Your New Year’s resolution may be long gone, but it’s never too late to jump start your productivity at work. At Purefy, we believe in simplifying as much as possible and working smarter, not harder, whenever we can. Whether you’re at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, follow these 5 tips to maximize your productivity and simplify your day.

1. Start your day the night before

Before leaving each day, review your to do list, inbox, and calendar so you don’t start the next morning running to that 8 am meeting across town. Know what you are going into and what you need to tackle first.

2. Time block

Block off time for projects you know you need to get done and the things you never seem to get around to. Trying to be more creative? Set aside 15 minutes a day to brainstorm. Quickly blocking out your day the night before can jump start your productivity.

3. Break up with your inbox

Don’t live by your email. Briefly check in first thing to see if anything needs immediate attention, then move on to use your morning for more important tasks. Remember to mark emails as unread if you need to come back to something to minimize searching through a sea of subject lines.

4. Know your peak energy time

Morning people, night people, and the very rare mid-afternoon people – we all have our peak energy time where we do our best work. Use that time for an important project, not to organize your paperclips.

5. Take breaks

Give your mind a chance to reset; some of the best ideas can come during a coffee run or a quick walk around the building. If you can, get outside to let the sun shine on that smiling face of yours. Structure your day to take a 5 – 10 minute break every hour or two to stay engaged at work.

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