Do You Know Your Rate?

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As the weather heats up, it’s time to fire up the grill and plan your Memorial Day cookout.  BBQ conversations can range from sports debates to vacation plans and even mortgage refinancing.  There’s always that one friend who brags about recently refinancing her mortgage to some absurdly low rate.  Next time that happens, ask if she knows the rate she’s paying on her student loans.  All of us can quickly recite our mortgage rate or how much we’re paying in rent.  But how many can say the same about their student loan rate?  Don’t worry, not even the federal government knows whether it’s making or losing money on student loans.

There is an important point here.  Knowing your rate is critical.  How else could you know whether you’re paying a much higher rate to the government than what you could get from a private lender like Purefy?   You may also be subject to the pain of carrying multiple loans from different lenders.  If you can refi your student loans at a lower rate, why not consolidate the hassle into a single, easily managed loan?

At Purefy, the real power play comes with our unique terms.  When you lower your rate, and perhaps couple it with a shorter term, you not only get out of debt quicker, but also save a mountain in total interest.  We offer only 5, 8 and 12 years.  With other lenders who offer 15, 20 or even 25 year terms, you could be paying on your student loan debt while collecting social security.  One recent Purefy borrower saved over $165,000 due to refinancing at a shorter term and lower rate!  Check out our Find Your Savings page to visualize your total savings at whatever loan term and type you prefer.

Refinancing may feel like a novice concept to many student loan borrowers.  Purefy was established with just this in mind: to spread the word to millions of student loan borrowers like you.  There is a solution.  You can lower your rates to reflect your achievements.  Assuming you graduated from school, launched your career and maintained good credit, then you shouldn’t still be paying high interest rates.

This Memorial Day, in addition to displaying your “Grill Master” skills, why not let your friends know who will be saving $2,000 per year on their student loans after refinancing with Purefy?

*Average Purefy borrower to date has saved $2,000 per year through refinancing.

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