Student Loan Strike on The Good Wife

Published on Author purefyadmin

Prime time TV shows try to relate to the many issues in the headlines to meet the viewer on a common ground, with beautiful people. The Good Wife recently aired an episode on the controversy of student loans at forprofit colleges.

The shows premise was on for-profit colleges and the recent strike of students refusing to pay back their debt because of the colleges inflated job placement and graduation rates. During the episode, a group of students tries to sue the fictional Colosseum University but can’t because of an arbitration clause they signed when they enrolled. This clause has been criticized by real-life critics because it does not allow a settlement in court at for-profit colleges. Without the ability to sue, the students on the show call a debt strike which is when the real life scandal at Corinthian College was mentioned during the episode.

Read more about the episode on Market Watch.

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