CordiaGrad is now Purefy!

Published on Author Bethany Sims

We are excited to announce our new name, Purefy! Our decision to change the name is a continuation of our separation from our parent company in March. We chose Purefy to have a name that matches our values of transparency and simplicity.

We still offer the same great products, customer service and low cost student loans. Nothing will change about your loan if you are a current borrower or if you are in the process of refinancing with us.

Press release highlight:

On the decision to rebrand, Zoeller stated, “We want our brand to match our values, direction and commitment to young adults and parents burdened by student debt.” The name change from CordiaGrad to Purefy, pronounced “purify,” signals the “pure refinancing” of student loans and a borrower-focused commitment to transparency and simplicity in the student loan marketplace. 

Stay tuned in the coming months as we continue to expand and offer new products and platform innovations. Read the press release to learn more about things to come and why we decided it was time for a rebrand.

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