What’s Next for Purefy

Published on Author Bethany Sims

We appreciate all the calls, chats, emails and texts from everyone interested in refinancing! We are excited to share some details about our new lender and also want to take this opportunity to answer your questions about when Purefy will again be accepting applications.

What will be different?

Two words:  Lower Rates.  We’ll also be adding a longer loan term and lowering our minimum student loan balance for refinancing.  We love saving you money on your student loans, so we are adding a new way to get discounts and new partners who have a large lending capacity and share our values.

Why has it taken longer than expected?

While good things are worth the wait, we know our re-launch has taken longer than expected. We are excited to have recast our platform and entered new partnerships that will allow us to give you better options and more ways to save on your student loans. We can’t wait to tell you more about what’s new – our target launch is this December!  Click here if you would like to receive an email notice on our re-launch date.

What will be the same?

We will still be offering student loan, Parent PLUS and spouse refinancing – but will have better rates and more options. Each applicant and borrower will still have a personalized student loan advisor to help through every step of the process – by call, email, chat or text. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your refinancing needs.

When can I apply?

Our target launch is this December!  We will send you an email (and shout it from the rooftops) so you’ll know the moment we are open and committed to saving you money on your student loans.

Anything else?

If we didn’t answer your question, please let us know! Email us at info@purefy.com or chat us.

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