Meet the Purefy Team: Ops Analyst Kelsey

Published on Author Bethany Sims

We have some pretty great people we get to work with every day. These are the people that help you with your application, show you what refinancing can mean for you and walk you through every step of the process. In our meet the team series, we get to know them a little better and learn something new about refinancing in the process.

Operations analyst Kelsey Radcliffe chats with us about her top application tips and she shares the favorite parts of her job.

How long have you been with Purefy?
I’ve been with Purefy since October 2015 when we were known as CordiaGrad! It’s been really fun to watch how the company has adapted. I’m excited to be part of everything through each new product or partnership launch.

What question do you get most often?
We get a lot of calls from potential borrowers asking if they are eligible for the program and what rates and payments we can offer. We can always calculate that information for you and we’re happy to help, but it can also be found on our Find My Rate page.

Another question I get is applicants asking if they should keep making payments on their current student loans when they are in the process of refinancing. We do recommend you keep making payments because it takes some time for your old servicers to process the payment we send them, and we don’t want you to incur any late fees on your existing loans! If there is any overage paid, you will receive a refund.

Any tips for the application?

Make sure you have your loan information handy when completing the loan details page. If you have a lot of loans to enter, you can click “save and continue” after each loan. This will help avoid any system timeout and allow you to take a break from entering loans if necessary. It works best when you have the lender, servicer and details of the loan with you when you want to refinance.

What are your top tips for refinancing?
Know your TransUnion credit score and have a realistic idea of what kind of monthly payment you want and can afford when you apply. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you pick the best term for your situation. Once your application is submitted, you have 45 days to get your documentation in. On the 45th day, your application will expire, but we are still able to reopen it up to 60 days from the date we initially ran your credit.
Purefy student loan refinancing helps people every day, but it isn’t for everyone. Take a look at the eligibility guidelines before you apply to make sure refinancing is a good fit for you.

What do you love about helping people?
When I connect someone with a great offer, it’s immensely satisfying! I love hearing people’s stories and working toward the best solution to fit their needs. People can be really frustrated with their current situation and not know that there are other options. You can hear the relief in someones voice once they realize how much money they will save by refinancing with Purefy.

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