Career Focus: Asking for a Promotion

Published on Author Manny Larcher

The right time to ask for a promotion

Recently a friend of mine (who is a delivery driver for a reputable distributor) came over for dinner and couldn’t stop complaining  about his job: “I work twice as hard – and get half as much – as the salesmen and he gets the promotion.” He went on to say that he’d requested a raise larger than the one he’s guaranteed annually.

He didn’t get the raise.

Delivering wine is considerably physically taxing. Selling it, however, requires a skill set that my friend hasn’t developed – though he has become an expert in timing his routes and in a brand of customer service that only delivery drivers seem to acquire. But one thing still remains: how to go about moving up?

This situation is not limited to delivery drivers, of course. We’ve all felt pressure to climb the ladder, and we’ve all been equally unsure as to when the appropriate time is to take that first step.

If you approach the question of a pay raise from the position of the employer, things begin to become more clear.


If you’ve just taken on an assignment which would be hard to complete without you, ask for a pay raise.

This is an understandably important time to talk with your employer about your salary, because your salary should directly reflect the work you put into the company. If you’re preparing to take over a former coworker’s position, or simply noticing a need and preparing to fill it, it’s important to discuss your salary at the same time as you address the needs of the company.


If you’ve just successfully finished a major project and are about to start another, ask for a pay raise.

Performance, unsurprisingly, fuels a majority of payroll decisions. So, if you’ve just made a big win for your company and are looking on to the next one, make sure to stop in to your boss’ office and have a quick conversation about your pay rate. No one is going to assert your worth but you, so don’t be afraid to claim your victories and ask for what you’ve earned!


If you’re going to ask for a raise before your annual review, do it well in advance.

Your boss has a lot to consider when doling out pay raises, so the more time they have to review your performance, the better. When asking for an unscheduled pay raise, the most important thing is proving to your employer that you have worked for it. So give them a heads up, and let them know you’re someone to watch when they’re considering their year’s top employees!


Be Confident. Work Hard.

These tips are designed to help you find the right time to ask for a raise. No one can tell you when you’re working harder than those around you besides the person handing you the check. So keep your head down and eyes up, and you’ll be rewarded with a promotion, provided you ask at the right time!

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