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We have some pretty great people we get to work with every day. These are the people that help you with your application, show you what refinancing can mean for you and walk you through every step of the process. In our Meet the Team series, we get to know them a little better and learn something new about refinancing in the process.

Former Operations Manager and current Business Development leader Michael Jarvis gives us a bit of insight into his background and highlights his favorite aspects about working for Purefy.

How long have you been with Purefy?

I began working in our operations department in February from our Richmond office. This was a crucial 7 months that allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of the student loan industry, to understand our software systems and to develop strong relationships with our operations team. Producing daily reports gave me clear insight into our target demographic and most importantly, provided countless opportunities to help borrowers refinance their loans.  

Recently I’ve moved to our headquarters in D.C. to work in a business development role. I’m excited to join the efforts to expand our product in our local market and across the country.


What should borrowers know before applying?

I encourage everyone to have a good estimate of their credit score and understand the basic elements of their current student loans (term, interest rate, lender, monthly payment). Knowing this information enables potential applicants to immediately see the benefits in refinancing. It’s also important to identify the student loans with the highest interest rate and pay those off first to generate the most savings.


What do you like most about Purefy?

Helping people. I’ve worked for a bank and a hedge fund in my career and while serving our clients was always a priority, saving people money and reducing the term of their payments is an entirely more rewarding experience. My favorite thing about Purefy is our transparency, which directly enhances a borrower’s financial situation. There are no application fees or prepayment penalties that could ultimately mitigate the benefits of refinancing. Our focus is very clear — we are interested in saving borrowers money to use for things like purchasing a home or starting a new business.


Why Purefy?

There are a few reasons why I recommend borrowers check out our Find My Rate tool. We have very competitive rates, but I would also highlight the spouse loans we offer that combine a married couple’s income and debt to help them qualify. Spouse loans have proven incredibly beneficial to stay-at-home parents or couples just beginning their professional careers while one income may be higher than the other.

Where do you hope to see Purefy a year from now?

One of my main goals is to further introduce Purefy to the D.C. area. It is clear to me that we offer a product the market desires, so it’s really a matter of informing borrowers that we are here to help. I hope to share our story with as many local institutions (alumni networks, corporations, associations) as possible. The goal is to have all potential borrowers in the area know that Purefy is their personalized solution to student debt.

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