What is Student Loan Refinancing?

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Parties, pulling all-nighters, tailgating, friendships that last forever; college, for the most part, is a wonderful experience! It’s those pesky student loans that can be torturous. Here at Purefy we make refinancing your student loans a painless, stress-free process that you can be proud of. You may ask yourself, what does student loan refinancing even mean? Am I eligible and what if I have multiple loans?

What does it mean to consolidate student loans?

Refinancing your student loans is a smart strategy for any young professional trying to get out of debt faster, with an interest rate that’s lower. Never heard of consolidation? No problem! Consolidating your student loans is an easy process of combining multiple terms into one, more manageable payment. This means you have the power to adjust your terms as well as lower your interest rate. By consolidating your student loans, you don’t have to spend the next 20 plus years paying off debt. Keeping track of loans can get complicated, especially if you’re making payments to different loan servicers. Thanks to student loan refinancing, borrowers are provided with options and opportunities. We are devoted to working with you and are excited to discover a more flexible payment option so you can enjoy the freedom of moving forward with your life.

The right time

Forging towards a new career with a mortgage or future plans of extending your family is already a full plate. The thought of only having a handful of years to pay off all that debt can certainly feel overwhelming. It may be the right time to refinance your student loans if smaller monthly payments with a longer repayment period seem more ideal. Whether it be federal, private, or Parent PLUS, we pride ourselves in our low rates and easy to understand system. You have already worked so hard earning your degree, why let the burden of high-interest rates be an obstacle on your path to success? Purefy borrowers have lowered their interest rates by an average of 2.12%; we take your savings just as serious as you do.

We work hard for the hard working

We’re on a mission to support professionals who have taken steps towards building a better future. Curious if you qualify? Our team of innovative thinkers are ready to explore options for graduates who have maintained a credit score of 700 or higher (670 for cosigners) with at least one outstanding loan. Hard work pays off; you’ve already done your part, let us reward your achievements. There are an abundant amount of benefits from student loan refinancing. Smaller monthly payments allow you to save for that next special step in your life. Freeing yourself from debt faster gives you back the control to focus on what really matters to you. People have been able to save thousands using Purefy; how much will refinancing save you?

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