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Purefy is a team of thoughtful professionals committed to offering personalized attention for each student loan borrower.  Meet Donovan, an integral part of our operations team, ensuring that our customers are always happy. He’s continually thinking of ways to enhance our process for our borrowers. We asked Donovan a few questions about his day-to-day work with Purefy, any tips for potential applicants, and what he enjoys most.


How long have you been at Purefy?

I’ve been with Purefy for just over two months, so I’m still the new guy.  We are growing very rapidly though, so that will change soon.  It’s an exciting time to be here as we continue to expand our team!


Describe your role at Purefy.

It’s my job to make sure our borrowers know what to expect with our process and then hopefully exceed those expectations.  I work behind the scenes to help guide our borrowers from Find My Rate all the way to disbursement, answering any questions along the way. One of my favorite things about my job is the variety of people I get to interact with on a daily basis.  Each borrower provides an opportunity to learn something new about their experience so we can consistently improve our process.  Our goal is to make our borrowers’ lives more comfortable, and their feedback is invaluable in reaching that goal.


Any tips for people looking into student loan refinancing application?

My one big tip is this: never hesitate to ask us questions.  We have a great team here who genuinely loves to help people.  If you are providing us with supporting documentation and aren’t sure what a Payoff Statement is, or just want to know how long it will take for your funds to disburse, please let us know. We want this process to be as easy for you as possible, and we love to see you get approved quickly!


What do you like most about Purefy?

From the top down, this is a company of people who are genuinely interested in helping former students and their parents move on from their student loan debt.  Most of us here know what it feels like to make payment after payment on student loans.  Our goal is to have everyone know what it feels like to have them paid off.


You can learn more about Donovan and the Purefy team on this page.

Purefy is nimble, innovative and dedicated to providing you the tools and options to help lower your student loan rates and get out of debt sooner.  The application process just takes a few minutes, and there are no prepayment, application or origination fees, click here to get started.


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